At Helsan Development Co., we are able to offer a “Lease-to-Own” option to businesses that want to own their own building, but may not have the finances required to do so at this time. Helsan and the client may sign a Lease with special clauses offering the client the option to buy the building from Helsan after a particular number of years. Helsan will assess the financial capabilities of the client, prior to entering into such agreement.

Please contact Helsan Development Co. if you are interested in learning more about this valuable option for your business.

We, at InterArt Industries Inc., have leased our office and warehouse space from Helsan Development for nearly 17 years. The industrial park is extremely well managed and has proven to be an excellent location for our operations. Helsan is a responsible and effective landlord that has remained continually flexible and cooperative to our business needs.

J. B. Fischman
InterArt Industries

Helsan Development Co. LLC
3070 Helsan Drive, Suite H • Richfield, WI 53076 • Phone: 262-677-1121

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